Brewzkey® Bottle Openers - The Original Key Shaped Bottle Openers

Brewzkey®, the original key-shaped bottle opener, is sold via retail stores and promotional advertising specialties distributors and marketers.  If you are interested in purchasing our key chain bottle openers for retail, please see Brewzkey® Retail (as seen in picture below).  If you are interested in representing our line of key chain bottle openers within the promo industry, please see Brewzkey® Promo.

  • Simple | Convenient | Not Bulky | Easy-to-use!
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • An Industrial Polished Finish
  • Laser-Engraved
  • Won't pinch or poke when you sit down with keys in pocket
  • Can't take pocket knives on airplanes, but Brewzkeys® fly!
  • Blends right in with your keys...not a gimmicky toy!
  • It's simply the coolest, most stylin' and stealth-like bottle opener around!


The Brewzkey in Action!

Most Staying Power 2011

Winner - Advantages Most Staying Power San Diego 2011

HOT LIST 2011!


Brewzkey Bottle Openers